Dynotuning & Mechanical Repairs - AC Car Air Conditioning

Servicing your Car Air Conditioning is important not only in terms of comfort in summer – it is also important in cold conditions because of the de-humidifying capability in de-fogging your car windscreen.

When we service your Car Air Conditioner, we check that there are no leaks of refrigerant gas. Refrigerant Gas contains lubricants and Air Conditioning seal conditioner to protect the vital components of the system including the Compressor, condenser and receiver/dryer.

Car Air Conditioning gas usually contains a fluorescent dye to enable quick leak detection under a special light. If a leak is detected, we evacuate and safely store the remaining gas for recycling to protect the environment. Usually, a damaged seal or “O” ring is the cause, and is replaced before Re-Gassing the Air Condioner.

If the Car Air Conditioner has been run whilst low on refrigerant gas, damage to components can occur, usually to the compressor, which then needs to be replaced and can be quite expensive! Therefore we recommend regular checks and Car Air Conditioning Service for all the family vehicles to prevent costly and unnecessary repairs.

When we Service Car Air Conditioners, we also check the effective operation of Air Conditioner controls, the Fresh / Recycle functions and the fan systems and duct / vents operation to ensure maximum comfort in your vehicle year round.

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