Dynotuning & Mechanical Repairs - Brakes

Surviving Brake Failure is a very sobering experience – fortunately, it is entirely avoidable.

By undertaking regular, Scheduled Servicing of your car’s Brakes, problems can be easily and inexpensively prevented, ensuring greater confidence and enjoyment in your vehicle when driving, and ensuring the safety of yourself and your passengers.

A Brake Inspection and Braking Road Test is performed as part of your car Logbook Service, the intervals of which are clearly outlined in your car’s Servicing Schedule, but it’s a mistake to think you should wait until your Scheduled Servicing if you suspect your Car Brakes are under-performing in any way.

There are warning signs you should heed – get your Car Brakes checked immediately if:

  • You feel any kind of Shuddering or pulsation when applying your Car Brakes.
  • Your car Pulls Left or Right when you are applying your Car Brakes.
  • You detect any unusual Smells coming from your car when driving / braking and particularly if you notice a strong or burning smell emanating from any of the Car Wheels after parking your car.
  • You feel vibration in your Car Steering Wheel when applying your Car Brakes.
  • Your Car Handbrake fails to prevent your car from rolling when engaged.
  • You hear a high pitched squeal from the wheel area when applying your Car Brakes.
  • Your Brake Pedal feels soft /spongy.
  • Your Brake Pedal feels too hard.

If any of these symptoms appear in the course of driving your car, call us to book your car in for a Car Brake Inspection as soon as possible! If caught early, costly repairs or rectifications can usually be avoided. We check:

  • Brake Fluid Level and Condition (Brake fluid is by nature Hydroscopic – meaning it accumulates water over time, causing corrosive issues to seals, lines and components and loss of Car Brake Performance).
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) performance.
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Sensors.
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Module Fault Codes.
  • Leaks and Condition of Brake Hoses, Brake Lines, Brake Callipers,
  • Hydraulic Brake Slave Cylinders and Brake Master Cylinder.
  • Brake Disc Pad Condition and Thickness.
  • Brake DISC condition and Thickness – (Car Disc Brakes have Minimum
  • Legal Thickness requirements, and wear down over time).
  • Brake Shoe Thickness and Condition.
  • Brake Drum Thickness and Condition (usually Rear Brakes).
  • Car Handbrake / Car Parking Brake performance and adjustment settings.

We offer a great range of Genuine/ OE (Original Equipment) and aftermarket alternatives for your Car Brakes, Caravan Brakes and Trailer Brakes which we can happily tailor to suit all driving activities and maximise your driving pleasure and Safety.

Even if you drive very few kilometres or use your car little, you should routinely replace your Car Brake Fluid regularly (Drain, Flush and Re-Fill) every 2 years – more regularly with heavy use! This cheap, inexpensive maintenance step will ensure safe, trouble-free Braking throughout the life of your vehicle.

We can also provide extensive, expert advice on Braking Performance upgrades, Car Brake Products, Car Brake Fluid and general advice on extending the serviceable life of your car’s most important capability – Stopping Smoothly, Quickly and Safely!

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