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The Terminal is literally the end of the line when it comes to maintaining Your Car Battery and overall electrical health, performance and certainly the longevity of your car!

Signs of Battery Terminal deterioration are often the “Canary in The Coal Mine” when it comes to the question of the Electrical “Health” of modern Motor Cars. Formation of crusty deposits around your Car Battery Terminals usually indicates the process of ELECTOLYSIS which is usually deposited on the Positive Terminal on the Car Battery due to the attraction of charged particles aided by humidity and salty air particularly in coastal areas.

Choosing the right Car Battery Terminals prevents Battery Terminal Electrolysis , preventing loss of proper contact which can, in turn lead to starting problems, Car Alternator problems and prevent correct and efficient Car Battery Charging. Given the extent to which modern motor cars rely on properly functioning Electrical Systems, basic Car Battery and Battery Terminal Maintenance can prevent costly and inconvenient knock-on effects.

When we conduct Scheduled Servicing on All Makes and Models of Australia’s fleet, the Battery Check is usually one of the first items checked – it’s like checking your pulse. Swollen Car Batteries or Crusty Battery Terminals indicate possible Earth Leaks and usually indicate the Radiator Coolant may have EXPIRED: (Radiator “Coolant” is also, more importantly, CORROSION Inhibitor which is consumed in counteracting electrolysis, rather than the various metal and alloy components of your engine and cooling system).

A good quality Car Battery will usually have at least a 24 mth / 2 year Warranty and has a higher number of Battery Plates. If Kept Clean with lubricated, regularly serviced, quality Battery Terminals, Distilled Water top-ups when required, it’s quite possible to achieve a four year stretch from your Car Battery, and enjoy trouble-free motoring!

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