Dynotuning & Mechanical Repairs - Clutch

If you drive a manual transmission car these days, you’re definitely in the minority. Around 70% of New Car Sales are now Automatic Transmission.

Because learner drivers tend to favour Automatic Transmission Cars, and subsequently do their Probationary Drivers Licence Test in a car with Automatic Transmission, they are not legally permitted to drive manual Transmission Cars, and never discover the joys of a Clutch!

(For those not in the “know”, that’s the odd pedal on the left of the Brake)!

Manual Car Drivers are well aware that a Good Quality Clutch is central to smooth and efficient Gear Changes and the overall driving experience.

Whether you’re just using your Manual Transmission Car for the daily commute or involved in Motor Sport or Off-Road and 4X4 activities of any kind, choosing the correct clutch is very important.

We offer expert service and advice on all Car and 4WD Clutch requirements according to your needs and budget.

Our Clutch Service, Repair and Maintenance Services include:

Clutch Kit Installation – includes Clutch Pressure Plate (Clutch Cover Facing Assembly), Clutch Plate, Clutch Release / Thrust Bearing). Options include OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Clutches for most Makes of car, and a range of Performance Clutch options and After-Market Clutch alternatives.

Clutch Flywheel Machining / Clutch Flywheel Re-Surfacing (Where possible).

Dual-Mass Flywheel to Single Mass Flywheel Conversion. (Dual-Mass Flywheels can be more expensive to replace).

  • Performance Clutches.
  • Heavy Duty Clutches.
  • 4WD Clutches.
  • Clutch Pedal Assemblies
  • Clutch Fluid Flush and Replacement
  • Clutch Cable Assemblies
  • Clutch Master Cylinders
  • Clutch Slave Cylinders.

Whether simple or sophisticated, we can tailor a New Clutch solution and would be happy to provide quotation and advice on various options.

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