Dynotuning & Mechanical Repairs - Cylinder Head

Car Cylinder Head damage is usually caused by an episode of Over-Heating the Car Engine as a result of a problem with the Car Cooling System.

Because most Car Cylinder Heads are made from lightweight alloys in recent decades, damage to the Cylinder Head and Cylinder Head Gasket can occur very quickly during an episode of Engine Over-Heating.

If a Radiator Hose fails or the Car Radiator develops a leak, or the Water Pump Impeller fails, Overheating can occur before the motorist becomes aware there is a problem, and quite often the damage is already done.

Excessive Engine heat can cause the Cylinder Head Gasket to fail due to warping of the Alloy Cylinder Head, causing Radiator Coolant to mix with and pollute the Engine Oil and vice versa. If not rectified promptly, Total Engine Failure can occur.

All of the above is USUALLY a result of poor Cooling System Maintenance. Radiator Coolant contains Sacrificial Metals which are consumed over time, preventing Engine Electrolysis and Corrosion of Cooling System and Engine Components. Coolant / Corrosion Inhibitor should be Drained, Flushed and Replaced regularly to protect the Cooling System’s capacity to maintain Correct Operating Temperature and protect the longevity and performance of your Car’s Engine.

A Car Cylinder Head Repair will therefore usually require Inspection and Rectification of all elements of the Cooling System as part of the repair process. Water Pump, Drive Belts, Radiator Hoses, Radiator Hose Clamps and the Car Radiator itself need to be checked for Condition and proper functioning, often adding significantly to the cost of the job.

If you need help or advice regarding any Car Cylinder Head issues (or Preventative Maintenance), give us a call and we’re happy to provide a quote for any need your car may have. TIP: Prevention is better than cure.

Our Services include:

  • Cylinder Head Replacement.
  • Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement.
  • Cylinder Head Re-Surfacing.
  • Cylinder Head Re-Conditioning.
  • Timing Belt Replacement.
  • Water Pump Replacement.
  • Radiator Repair and Replacement.
  • Cooling System Flush.
  • Cooling System Service.

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