Dynotuning & Mechanical Repairs - Diesel

Oils ain’t Oils, Mechanics ain’t Mechanics. If you’ve owned a Diesel Engine Car for any length of time, you probably understand what we’re saying.

The recent proliferation of Diesel passenger vehicles, particularly the European Diesel Car Manufacturers, has challenged the technical skills and capabilities of Mechanical Service and Repair businesses worldwide.

Huge investment in Diesel Engine Diagnostic Software and Diesel Engine Technical Training have been a necessity for many Car Servicing and Mechanical Repair Businesses as a result.

Consequently, Qualified Diesel Mechanics have emerged as a Specialty field, often commanding higher wages persuant to the Technical Skills required to deal with sophisticated Common Rail Injection Systems and Computer Controlled Engine Management Systems.

It’s far less a case of Spanners and Grease now – “Men in White Coats” – Technicians and Diagnostic Experts are required to decipher the information derived from a host of different Engine Sensors which dictate engine management and performance. Fault Codes logged by the Diesel Engine Management System are the basis for identifying real or potential problems in your car’s performance and reliability.

It’s a good idea to question your Car Service Mechanics on the level of Diagnostic Capability with regard to Servicing your Diesel Car. We are well equipped for Didital Diagnosis – we have up to date Software Diagnostics for most late-model Diesel Engine Cars and network extensively to build capability, mining and linking to the best brains in the business.

No individual workshop is an island, and nobody knows everything, so networking is often crucial in problem solving. That’s why we are proud members and Contributors to T.A.T. (The Automotive Technician), which is a “Hive Brain” of the smartest mechanics in Australia (and around the world).

Servicing your Diesel Car is our privilege and our pleasure. We aim to ensure the optimum enjoyment, performance, economy and longevity of your car.

Our Diesel Car Services Include:

  • Diesel Pumps.
  • Diesel Injection.
  • Diesel/Gas Injection Systems
  • Common Rail Diesel Injection System Servicing
  • Diesel Engine Re-Builds
  • Diesel Engine Fault Diagnosis
  • Light Commercial Diesel Servicing.

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