Dynotuning & Mechanical Repairs - Dyno Tuning

A common misconception among motorists is that Car Dyno Tuning is something that only Motoring Enthusiasts and “Rev-Heads” can benefit from.

On the contrary, Dynotuning your Car Regularly will ensure improved performance, mileage and economy, regardless of the type of vehicle.

Dyno Tuning a vehicle involves the use of a Dynamometer which measures the force / torque output of an engine under various conditions and at different engine revolutions per minute (RPM) and other factors like temperature and resistance.

Measuring these parameters enables the optimisation of vehicle performance, fuel economy and long term reliability, making the extra investment in your overall Driving Pleasure and Safety worthwhile in an economic and practical sense.

Regular Dynotuning of your car during Routine Car Servicing helps alert you potential issues and problems which can be predicted and rectified before costly repairs become necessary. It’s like having your “finger on the pulse” of your car allowing you to “tweak” your car for either maximised performance or Economy or a mix of both.

Advanced Car Computer Diagnostic Dynotuning allows modifications to be made and measured accurately – these can include Computer / Chip modifications or can extend to mechanical improvements to Valve Timing and Exhaust and Fuel Injection System Modifications.

So whether you just like to have your daily transport humming sweetly and cheaply or you’re headed for the Racetrack or The Outback, we can Dyno tune your Family Car, Motorsport Missile or ensure maximum performance and reliability for your 4WD for Towing or Off-road adventure.

Give us a call to discuss your Car Dynotuning options – from basic testing and adjustment to Twin Turbo and Forced Induction (Blowers and Superchargers), we love to talk Performance.

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