Dynotuning & Mechanical Repairs - Engine Reconditioning

There are many great reasons people choose to recondition their Car’s Engine – ranging from loss of performance, excessive consumption of oil, cylinder head damage or sudden catastrophic engine failure for whatever reason.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a major engine failure in your car, you face an immediate dilemma. Do I spend thousands of dollars “fixing it” – or do I buy a new car and get nothing (or less) on the trade-in for my now useless vehicle?

It usually comes down to money, but often people choose Car Engine Reconditioning because they have affection for their otherwise viable car, considering overall condition of the other Vehicle Components.

During the course of the Car Engine Re-Conditioning process, several options are usually on the table:

Reconditioning only the “Top End” (The Cylinder Head), including Cylinder Head Gasket, Inlet and Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Gaskets and Intake Manifold Gaskets etc.

Reconditioning the “Long Motor” which includes Engine Cylinder Block or Pistons, Oil and Compression Rings and Engine Crankshaft and Crankshaft Bearings and Seals etc.

If your Car Service Centre or Car Mechanic deems your Car Engine to be damaged beyond viable or cost-effective repair, we will usually recommend a complete Replacement Engine be supplied and installed. In rare circumstances, a low kilometer second-hand engine may be an option depending mainly on availability or luck.

Due to mileage restrictions on Cars in some other countries, low mileage second hand imported car engines are available for many makes of cars.

So if the need arises for a Reconditioned Car Engine in your Family Car, Four Wheel Drive (4WD) or your Light Commercial Vehicle, we’d be happy to advise on the best and most cost effective options available to you anytime.

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