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If your car still has a carburettor, you must be a “Motoring Enthusiast”.

Unless you drive a very old car – i.e. Pre 1990s, your car is Fuel Injected, and most mechanics will get a terrified look on their face if you even mention a Carburettor Overhaul… Only “Old-School guys and Motorheads” know about “Carbies” these days.

Fortunately, modern EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems have superseded the inefficient and often temperamental fuel delivery system which controls the mix of Fuel and Air Intake in modern Motor Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles.

Rather than deliver the Fuel / Air mixture into the engine Intake Manifold, Electronic Fuel Injectors deliver atomised fuel directly to the individual Engine Cylinder Combustion Chambers, controlling the timing, Air/Fuel Mixture and duration of delivery to maximise Performance and Fuel Economy.

This fine precision balance in efficient Fuel Delivery is achieved in modern Motor Vehicles by Computer Controlled Engine Management Systems – thus the term E.F.I. – Electronic Fuel Injection.

Although these systems are more robust and reliable than the old-fashioned “Carby”, problems do occur, so it’s important to understand and maintain your Petrol or Diesel Fuel Injection System as part of your car’s Regular, Logbook or Scheduled Car Service regimen.

Keeping your Car topped up to prevent accumulation of condensation in your Fuel Tank is one important step you can take to avoid problems in your Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pump, as can the use of Premium Fuels throughout the life of your car. Premium (usually 95+ Octane Fuel) contains beneficial additives including Fuel Injector Cleaner, Moisture Dispersants, Fuel Seal Conditioners and Fuel Preservatives.

The most common problem motorists encounter is Leaking Fuel Injectors and Blocked Fuel Injectors, both of which will cause a misfire of the Engine Cylinder causing the Engine to “run rough”.

Individual Fuel Injectors can be replaced or cleaned as needs be, but the cause of problems usually relates to contamination of fuel supply due to lack of Fuel Filter Service (and always-empty tanks).

Computer Diagnostics in modern Car Servicing Facilities are able to quickly diagnose any Fuel Injection System Faults via Sensor Codes at the time of Servicing your car, preventing excessive fuel use and / or loss of performance.

Our Fuel Injection Service and Diagnostic Services Include:

  • EFI Trouble-Shooting and Diagnosis (Member T.A.T. – The Automotive Technician network)
  • EFI Performance Enhancement
  • Diesel / Gas Injection Systems
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning Service
  • Common Rail Diesel Injection Service
  • Diesel Injector Pump Service

We welcome all enquiry and are happy to chat or quote on any Fuel Injection inquiry that may arise.

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